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Southeast Toyota Distributors

Southeast Toyota Distributors, a subsidiary of JM Family Enterprises, Inc., is the world’s largest independent distributor of Toyota vehicles. The company distributes vehicles, parts and accessories to more than 177 independent Toyota dealers in the five-state region of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. Sales in the southeast region surpass Toyota sales in every other part of the United States.


Established: 1968
President: Ed Sheehy
Associates: 1,000
Business Locations: Deerfield Beach, Fla. (headquarters); Jacksonville, Fla.; Alpharetta, Ga.; Commerce, Ga.
2016 Accomplishments:

  • 472,596 vehicle sales, including 118,548 from fleet business
  • 85 percent of vehicles arrived by rail from Toyota manufacturing facilities throughout North America
  • 15 percent of vehicles arrived by ship from Japan and France
  • $514 million parts and accessories sold
  • No. 1 in total dealer profits
  • No. 1 region in Toyota Certified Used Vehicles


Port Processing (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Located on 75 acres at the Jacksonville Port Authority’s Talleyrand terminals, Port Processing prepares new vehicles delivered by ship or rail for distribution throughout the southeast. Associates process vehicles for delivery and install accessories ordered by dealers such as leather seats, spoilers, roof racks, alloy wheels, entertainment systems, security systems and more.  

Westlake Processing (Jacksonville, Fla.)

In 2002, Southeast Toyota opened a $53 million vehicle processing facility on 250 acres in the Westlake Industrial Park of northwest Jacksonville. An additional adjacent 250 acres was purchased in 2005 for future expansion. The all-rail facility has an unlimited capacity to process vehicles and includes 12 buildings, 100 acres of blacktop, state-of-the-art equipment and a 50-car railhead. All of the operations performed at the Port also are performed at Westlake.       

Inland Processing (Commerce, Ga.)

At Southeast Toyota’s Inland Processing facility in Commerce, Ga., vehicles are processed for distribution primarily to dealers in Northern Alabama, the Carolinas and Northern Georgia. This sprawling 300-acre complex includes six buildings, 50 acres of pavement and six rail spurs. Inland Processing services are identical to those performed by Jacksonville’s Port and Westlake facilities.

Parts Supply and Distribution (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Southeast Toyota is the leading distributor of Toyota parts and accessories in the United States. Located inside a facility the size of eight football fields, critical parts needed by Toyota dealers are shipped same day, or referred to Toyota’s automated network for air shipment direct to the dealer to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. 

Southeast Transportation Systems, Inc. (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Auto-transport company Southeast Transportation Systems, Inc. (STS) was established in July 2000 to better serve our dealers. In 2008, a 21,500-square-foot facility was built at Westlake to accommodate STS’s growth and fleet maintenance requirements. The company transported 358,675 vehicles in 2016 to Southeast Toyota dealers from its Jacksonville, Fla., and Commerce, Ga., processing centers. STS operates a fleet of more than 80 trucks, many with innovative technology to minimize emissions, with plans for future expansion.

Technical Training Center (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Southeast Toyota’s Technical Training Center opened in 2007 at the Westlake vehicle processing facility. The 33,000 square-foot center is one of the largest automotive training and technical support facilities in the nation, and specifically serves associates of the Toyota dealerships in Southeast Toyota’s five-state region. At full capacity, the center can provide 83,000 hours of training annually on topics such as advanced maintenance education, computerized diagnostic equipment and hybrid technology. In addition to training, it houses Southeast Toyota’s Technical Services department which provides diagnostic assistance and advice to Toyota dealership technicians.